Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So my baby program babies are already turning 1!!!! It makes me teary eyed!
Time flies!

I cannot believe Stran is already ONE! It seems just like yesterday he was a tiny little baby. I have really enjoyed photographing Stran this year and getting to know the Pogue family along the way.

Stran is one of my favorite people (of any size) that I have ever photographed. He is seriously adorable! He is such a joy to shoot because he is such a happy and funny baby. He makes the funniest faces (check out his 6 month session). And (I kid you not) I think he flirts with me! ;) He is just too funny.

I have created a toddler program just because I can't wait to see him grown over the years!

See what I mean about the funny faces???

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I photographed the Campbell family last year for family photos and Christmas cards and then again this year. It is amazing to see how their girls have changed and grown up so much just over this past year! It almost makes me teary! :(

I love this family. They are so sweet and so much fun to work with. I am looking forward to seeing these girls grow up over the years and capturing these moments for them to cherish!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I LOVE this couple.
And it is obvious they are in LOVE.
And I just LOVE it!

I just love these guys! (is this too much love? but don't you get it now???)

Hunter & Jena are an AMAZING couple! They are both amazing godly people and just fantastic people all-around. (oh, and did I mention how beautiful they are???)
Check them out....
Didn't I tell you???

Hunter has been friends with my husband for several years. I am SO happy to see him with such a great girl like Jena. He is one lucky guy! They are an adorable couple!

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mitchell Family

Meet the Mitchell Family
Greg, Tami, Maggie, & Price

Greg & Tami went to Velma-Alma, too, so I have known them for the majority of my life! Tami's sister is one of my best friends and has been since high school.

It was insanely windy and it ended up cold by the end of our session. But you wouldn't have known it by looking at these kiddos! Maggie & Price were absolute angels. They were so well behaved! I was so pleased. I probably told Tami ten times how well behaved her children are! It made the session so much easier and fun. We had a blast!

Look at them - ADORABLE!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy!

These two boys are just too cute! They are so handsome!
Trent just turned 7 and Trace is 2.

They were a joy to photograph! Trent was helping me, offering to carry my equipment, and he was so polite. It was just adorable! Trace is still so little and sweet! Look at his hair. I love it!

Check out the eyes on these boys!!! They are beautiful! Mom better watch out! She is going to have the ladies chasing these cuties!