Friday, April 29, 2011


Whitney is a senior at Blanchard High School and she is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously!

When we were out & about during our session people kept yelling at us, honking at us, etc. I was like "Geez, boys! Act like you've seen a pretty lady before!" haha!

I had so much fun photographing her!

We got some fun shots with her sweet puppy!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey everyone - This is Megan - and she's a Marlow Outlaw!
(ok, yes - I was a cheerleader.... shhh! don't tell!)

Megan is a sweet, country girl. She had an awesome pair of cowboy (or cowgirl?) boots and a sweet hat! LOVE IT!!

Her fun Aunt Gina was my lovely assistant during her shoot. We had too much fun! :)

Good luck next year!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today is Good Friday. How can this be just any other day to us???

So this morning I saw a friend of mine posted a video on facebook. It was a video with clips from the Passion of the Christ movie with Love Song by Third Day playing over it. OH WOW. I was crying two seconds into the video.

It makes me so sad how our culture how commercialized Easter. It is all sugary candies, bunny rabbits, and eggs. ick.

Today we remember Christ's death on the cross. After that video... wow. I cannot fathom Christ's love for us. I know if I had to endure one tiny ounce of what Christ did, I would have called down angels from heaven in a second! But He didn't. A sinless man took all of our sins upon Himself.

Today I am basking in Christ's love for me- His unfathomable love.

Sunday I will be dancing and singing HIS praises because we serve a risen Savior! Christ defeated death and gave us the hope of eternity with Him because HE LIVES!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching UP...

In the past I haven't really ever posted personal info on my blog. Why? Not sure.... I guess I just felt it was "business". But - truth is - LIFE is happening and business is a part of it.
So - this being said, I have no major announcement. haha! :) Just wanted to share this.

God has really been working in me. He's made me realize it isn't about a "career" but LIFE in general. It's about our daily choices and actions. We can float through life fulfilling our own selfish desires or we can choose to share HIS love with each person we encounter.

God has spoken to me through people, books, and KLOVE. I am so thankful for KLOVE and the inspirational music I get to listen to while editing all day. Books I'm currently obsessed with:
Crazy Love - Francis Chan
Radical - David Platt
The Hole in Our Gospel - Richard Stearns
Interrupted - Jen Hatmaker

Have I posted photos from our recent mission trip to Belize? I couldn't remember, so I decided to at least put a few up.

This was our fantastic group!

Here are some sweet girls from my class!

My adorable husband after a soccer game.

Macee and I with the principal and her class.

This was the sunrise the morning we left. Beautiful.

One more gift from God before we left Belize...

God is real and He loves YOU!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


AWWWWWWWWWW Look at this adorable, perfect, little, baby face!

Baby London was just shy of 3 weeks when we took these precious shots. But BOY oh BOY did he make me work for it! I was sweating, crawling around on the ground, rocking him, patting him... I was practically dancing a jig for him!!!! haha! ;)

London's parents are fantastic! :) His dad got me to drink my first cup of straight black coffee. And I also now am obsessed with french press coffee! London's mother is an amazing cook! Seriously! Ask anyone that has met her. I keep trying to make up excuses to invite myself over.... I wonder if I'm too obvious? ;)

Capture the perfection of your newborn baby within the first 10 days of your child's life.
It's magical.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Kailee and I got to do this fun shoot in celebration of her finishing ECU's Nursing Program! YAY!
Kailee Kimrey
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
(aka major accomplishment!!!)

I have four nursing majors that I have been working with this semester and geeeez! They are all stressed to the max. It's a tough one! (my mom is a nurse so I have a ton of respect for nurses!!!)

Kailee is such a sweet girl! I know she will make such a great nurse!

I also got to make a really fun graduation announcement for Kailee. Hot pink & zebra. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Jax - 7 months

Look at this sweet face! Jax is ADORABLE! He made the funniest faces. I have loved going through his shots from this session because they made me laugh out loud the entire time. Too funny!

It has been fun getting to see him grow over the last few months. Jax has a funny and joyful personality. And he has physically changed so much over the months. He looks more and more like his dad!!!

I just adore his parents, too. Matt & Lindsay are a fantastic couple and we are lucky to call them friends. Check out their church - City Church Tulsa. Talk about a community of believers on fire for God with a heart for people. Check them out!

I LOVE these two shots! Look at his perfect little face! (and his adorable little cheeks...hehe!)

Definitely up to something here....

What child session would be complete without a few tears? haha!
Look at that sad little lip sticking out! :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Taylor is a senior at Velma-Alma. Photographing Taylor made me feel OLD! I'm pretty sure she was 5 years old when I graduated......
I graduated with Taylor's older sister, so I remember Taylor as this adorable little 5 year old squirt. I can still remember her reading a book to me and how stinkin adorable she was!

Taylor All-Stated (is that even a verb??? Well, it probably is in Oklahoma) in band. She is a talented trumpet player!
Taylor is trying to decide where to go to college next year. (I'm encouraging ECU!!! Of Course!)
Good luck next year Taylor!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Jordan

Meet Baby Jordan

Jordan was 3 weeks old when we took these. ADORABLE! Look at his little face! So precious.
I adore his family! Kris & Destiny are such a sweet couple and I am so glad I have gotten to know them.

Be looking for some basketball photos in the future with baby Jordan! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


LOVE! {sigh}
Look at these photos....
Try and tell me this adorable couple isn't in love! I dare you!


Emily & Kyle are such a sweet couple. I met Emily a few years ago when she was in a wedding I photographed. We all attend the same church, so I knew who this adorable couple was but I am so glad I have gotten to know them better.

This is one of my favorite parts about this job- getting to see great couples that are so in love! It is refreshing and encouraging.

Looking forward to their wedding later this month! (This couple is beautiful, so I cannot wait for wedding portraits!!!!)