Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carsyn - 8 months

I cannot CANNOT believe that Carsyn is already 8 months old! :(
Time has flown! (I cannot even imagine how it must have flown by for her mom and dad!) It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was photographing the adorable newborn that is now a 8 month old little girl!

Carsyn is such a joy to photograph. I get so excited each time she is in my studio. She is full of joy and such a delight to be around. She laughs, smiles, and shows off her teeth the entire time! Carsyn also has the most beautiful eyes! They are the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you see her.

In just a few short months we will be wrapping up Carsyn's Mini Milestones Collection. Look for her one year celebration portraits this fall!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I met Colton on a mission trip to Belize earlier this year. He is one super cool guy! (Seriously! I mean it!) Colton jumped right in there and was a huge help! He was so great with the kids and was such a leader. (not many teenage guys can say that!)

Colton is a senior at Pauls Valley High School. He is a baseball and football player. I'm trying to convince him to come to ECU next year for college!

Good luck next year!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tanna is a senior at Velma-Alma High School. (Shine on Comets!!!)

We had so much fun during her session! She had an entourage with her, so I had tons of help! ;) No really - they were so much help and I am always so thankful!
That is why the lighting is so lovely in so many of these!

Tanna is a sweet and beautiful girl. I think she looks like Reese Witherspoon. There was one photo that I came to that I seriously considered sending it in to a "look-a-like" contest!!!! :)
I guess if people tell you that you look like someone it isn't too bad if they happen to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet!

My senior season is wrapping up and that makes me sad!
Thank you seniors of 2011!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jessica & Cash - Engaged!

Jessica & Cash

Jessica & Cash have been dating since high school. (well, sort of - they started dating after they went to the prom together!)
So sweet!

These two are just adorable. They are so fun & sweet!

So excited for their wedding next month!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Micah - Spring Session

This is the second part of Micah's VIP Senior Package. We had one shoot in the fall and another this spring. I LOVE when seniors do that! :) It gives us so many options.

We had a blast! She was such a good sport. She even got in the water and, not only got soaking wet, but ended up with worms all over her! (EWWWWW!!!) haha!

I've known Micah since she was a little girl. She is such a sweet girl!

Good luck next year Micah! You will succeed no matter what you choose to do in life!

Look at all of these medals!!!!! WOW! She is one talented girl!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Chris is a senior at Duncan High School and he just happens to be like a little brother to me. Our mothers are BFF - seriously - BFFs! So basically I have known Christopher his entire life. (hence me calling him Christopher like a grandma!!!! haha! I did refrain from posting his entire name, though!)

Chris is a multi-talented guy. He is handsome, smart, sings in the show choir, is involved in his church youth group.

It is hard for me to believe that Christopher is graduating! :( It was just the other day (ok almost thirteen years ago....) that he was just a toddler in his mother's lap cheering me on at my high school events.

I am so proud of the Christian man Christopher has become. (I am getting teary eyed writing this!)

Good luck next year at OSU! (You will need it being the Sooner in the middle of all those Cowboys!) ;)