Monday, May 2, 2011


Chris is a senior at Duncan High School and he just happens to be like a little brother to me. Our mothers are BFF - seriously - BFFs! So basically I have known Christopher his entire life. (hence me calling him Christopher like a grandma!!!! haha! I did refrain from posting his entire name, though!)

Chris is a multi-talented guy. He is handsome, smart, sings in the show choir, is involved in his church youth group.

It is hard for me to believe that Christopher is graduating! :( It was just the other day (ok almost thirteen years ago....) that he was just a toddler in his mother's lap cheering me on at my high school events.

I am so proud of the Christian man Christopher has become. (I am getting teary eyed writing this!)

Good luck next year at OSU! (You will need it being the Sooner in the middle of all those Cowboys!) ;)

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