Friday, April 22, 2011


Today is Good Friday. How can this be just any other day to us???

So this morning I saw a friend of mine posted a video on facebook. It was a video with clips from the Passion of the Christ movie with Love Song by Third Day playing over it. OH WOW. I was crying two seconds into the video.

It makes me so sad how our culture how commercialized Easter. It is all sugary candies, bunny rabbits, and eggs. ick.

Today we remember Christ's death on the cross. After that video... wow. I cannot fathom Christ's love for us. I know if I had to endure one tiny ounce of what Christ did, I would have called down angels from heaven in a second! But He didn't. A sinless man took all of our sins upon Himself.

Today I am basking in Christ's love for me- His unfathomable love.

Sunday I will be dancing and singing HIS praises because we serve a risen Savior! Christ defeated death and gave us the hope of eternity with Him because HE LIVES!

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