Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Jax - 7 months

Look at this sweet face! Jax is ADORABLE! He made the funniest faces. I have loved going through his shots from this session because they made me laugh out loud the entire time. Too funny!

It has been fun getting to see him grow over the last few months. Jax has a funny and joyful personality. And he has physically changed so much over the months. He looks more and more like his dad!!!

I just adore his parents, too. Matt & Lindsay are a fantastic couple and we are lucky to call them friends. Check out their church - City Church Tulsa. Talk about a community of believers on fire for God with a heart for people. Check them out!

I LOVE these two shots! Look at his perfect little face! (and his adorable little cheeks...hehe!)

Definitely up to something here....

What child session would be complete without a few tears? haha!
Look at that sad little lip sticking out! :(

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