Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had so much fun photographing this family! It's a big family so it kept me busy, but the best part was the fun laid back atmosphere. There were lots of smiles, laughs, & love in the session. And it doesn't hurt that they are all good looking, too! :)
The kids were all so adorable and well mannered. Oh, and don't let me forget - their property was absolutely GORGEOUS!
Thanks to
Jana, Gary, Sharlett, Taylor, Katie, Thad, Brandy, Orrin, Brylee, Lauren, Mason, & baby Hayden.

Here's the whole gang

Nana Jana with the kiddos

The moms (Sharlett, Brandy, Lauren, & Jana)

Brandy, Orrin, & Brylee

Sharlett, Taylor, Katie, & Thad

Lauren, Mason, & Hayden

Sweet Mason

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