Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Penny Family

The Penny Family

These guys were the lucky winners of the family portrait session from the O'Neal family's puzzle piece fundraiser. The fundraiser was to benefit the O'Neal's adoption. It was such a cute idea!

Kel (Dad) is the minister at the United Campus Ministry at East Central University. Leanne (Mom) works with her husband and she is an incredible writer! Check out her blog-

It was HOT when we shot their family portrait session, but they were such good sports about it! We did have to resort to a bit of a soda pop bribe to get a smile in the last few minutes of the session! ;)

Look at this beautiful family!

The fun and silliness of being a kid!

Oh my....
Look at these perfectly beautiful faces!

Caedmon has the most amazing eyes!

Love Noelle's hair bow (courtesy of mom Leanne!)
Look at that hair! So curly and adorable!

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