Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Little boys are so much fun to photograph! (and a good workout!! hehe!)

I literally chased Easton during his 2 year old session. (I did manage to get the best action shot of him mid-stride while running!) LOVE IT!

Easton is adorable! I absolutely love the way he says my name! He'll say (in a very grown up manner) "Guess what, Courtney." When I said what, he answered, "No hitting, no biting." I just cracked up! Too cute!

If you have been in my studio at all in the past year you have seen the large photo of Easton and his parents. (Every single person comments on what a beautiful family they are!!!)
It is amazing how time flies! I cannot believe Easton is TWO!

Love all the funny faces! Priceless!

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