Saturday, May 15, 2010


So... as a few of you might know - I recently turned THIRTY!!! So did one of my dear friends, Stacie. Stacie is usually out of the country, but she is currently in the states staying with her sister her just had a baby. So while Stacie is in the states I decided I better grab some time with her while I could! I went to Chicago and we celebrated our THIRTIETH birthdays!

Stacie has been one of my photography subjects for years! I should dig out some of the photos I took of her back in 2002 while we were at the University of Arkansas. (I love those pics, by the way!!!) So - I, of course, had to photograph her while we were together!

I got to photograph Stacie's lovely face and her beautiful niece, Madelynn. Madelynn is a beautiful baby! She is going to be a heartbreaker one day!

Stacie is a beautiful woman inside and out. I have looked up to her and depended on her advice for years. She is an amazing and Godly woman. I am actually getting teary eyed right now typing this! LOVE YOU STACIE! Hope it's not two more years before I see you again!

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